YogaBears - A curriculum for calm.

Yoga is a practical technique to develop both mind and body in perfect harmony.

With both physical and psychological advantages, including enhanced strength, co-ordination, flexibility and a developed sense of calmness, relaxation and improved concentration, it is the perfect practice to nurture children’s healthy mental, physical and emotional development. Our children live in a ‘hurry–up’ world of busy parents, school pressures, video games, social media and competitive sports. We do not usually think of these things as stressful, but they often are.

Yoga at an early age is a great gift to give our children, bringing out that marvellous inner light - which all children have - to the surface.


YogaBears in your school.

YogaBears is widely available in schools across Lancashire and Merseyside. It is our mission that all students and teachers develop body and mind awareness and the ability to nurture their own wellbeing.

YogaBears is unique because it goes beyond the physical aspects of yoga and uses the magic of the chakras and the superpowers of the bears to balance children from the inside and out. Our bespoke school programme can include:

  • Whole class yoga sessions (inclusive of all ages)
  • Yoga therapy sessions for children with additional needs
  • Small group/one-to-one sessions for all areas of personal, social and emotional needs
  • Mindful activities


Here are just a few of the benefits of Yoga in your school

• Enhances focus, concentration, comprehension and memory

• Boosts confidence, self-esteem and overall mood

• Ability to deal with stress and anxiety

• Greater academic performance

• Improvements in social interactions

• Body awareness, balance and coordination

• Flexibility and strength


Yoga sessions are hall-based or can be done outside (weather permitting). Smaller groups can be delivered in classrooms.
All equipment and resources are provided and support available throughout.
The holistic activities of Yoga achieve numerous curriculum objectives.


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