Work Experience at WLSP

My Work Experience at week at WLSP


Doing work experience at West Lancashire Sport Partnership is a great opportunity as you get to see PE from a coaches point of view, and see the detail and hard work that goes into planning and delivering the lessons. Seeing and learning how to use the PE…

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Sophie and Leo's Sports Blog - Australia

Olympic Country - Australia

Sophie's Australia facts

  • Australia at the Olympics has a history which includes 45 games in 22 countries and 3000+ athletes.
  • Since 1895 Australia has contributed to the growth of the Olympic movement.
  • 90% of Australia live on the coast.
  • Australia has over…
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Dalton St Michael's Sports Blog - Jamaica

Olympic Country - Jamaica



Blog by Amara, Lucas, Stan, James, Fin and Alana from Dalton St Michaels CE Primary School

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Grace, Ollie & Lochlann's Sports Blog - China

Olympic Country - China

Liu Changchun 

China has been celebrating Olympic Day since 1987. Sprinter Liu Changchun (1909-1983) was the first athlete to represent China in competition at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. On July 31st , 1932, Liu completed in the 100m preliminaries, where he was…

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Renee and William's Sports Blog - USA

Olympic Country - United States of America


In 1903, the first World Series was played between Boston and Pittsburgh. It was a 9 game series and Boston won the series with a 5-3 win in football. 

In the Olympics, over 1,800 medals are awarded to all the Olympians who have…

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James' Sports Blog - Jamaica

Olympic Country – Jamaica 

Jamaica first participated in the Olympics on 1948 and have participated in every Summer Olympics since then. They also have challenged themselves in the Winter Olympic Games since 1988. In 1960, Jamaican athletes competed as part of the West Indians federation.…

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Hannah's Sports Blog - Madagascar

Olympic Country - Madagascar 


My chosen Olympic country is Madagascar. It is officially known as the Republic of Madagascar and is an island Country in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 kilometres off of the coast of East Africa. It is the fourth biggest island in the world, bigger than…

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Amelia's Sports Blog - Spain

Olympic Country - Spain


Spain, a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, includes 17 regions with diverse geography and cultures. The capital city Madrid is home to the Royal Palace and the Museo Nacional del Prado which has painting from famous European artists such as Raphael and…

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Isabella and Oscar’s Sports Blog - China

Olympic Country - China

The flag of China is also often known as the Five-starred Red Flag. It has five golden stars on it. One large star and four smaller stars in a semicircle. The five stars represents the unity of the Chinese people. In school we organised a KS1 competition to design a new…

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Lydia "About me..."

I’m Lydia, I work within the Bikeability team at West Lancs as an instructor. I began my coaching journey after completing my degree in Sports Studies at Edge Hill University in 2016.


As a lover of sport, my chosen activity was always gymnastics.  I went to my first Saturday morning…

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International Women's Day - UK Coaching - Women into Higher Performance

To celebrate International Women's Day, here is a blog written by our Lead Bikeability Instructor, Lydia Walker

UK Coaching – Women into Higher Performance


In October 2019, myself and 14 other coaches from across the UK were inducted onto UK Coaching’s signature female only coaching…

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