My Work Experience at week at WLSP


Doing work experience at West Lancashire Sport Partnership is a great opportunity as you get to see PE from a coaches point of view, and see the detail and hard work that goes into planning and delivering the lessons. Seeing and learning how to use the PE platform that the lessons are designed on is extremely interesting as you get to understand the thoughts that go into the lessons that are planned for the schools that we all went to at one point.


Some of my favourite tasks I have completed while on work experience;

Shadowing 2 sports specialists delivering high quality PE lessons to primary school children.

Creating certificates for upcoming competitions.

Using the PE platform to practice creating PE lessons.


I chose WLSP for work experience as I enjoy playing and learning sports so this is something I knew I would enjoy. Another reason was too see PE and sports through a coaches point of view and the planning that goes into the sessions. My favourite sport is football and I have played in a team since I was around 5 years old.


Shadowing 2 sports specialists has made me realise the differences with being a pupil and taking part in PE and being a coach and teaching it, the main thing I realised was the effort and detail the coaches have to put in to make our PE lessons fun but also make sure we are learning and keeping fit. Another thing that it has made me realise is how the coaches have to think on the spot and adapt to certain problems like class sizes changing and weather conditions making outdoor PE hard or impossible and having to do the lesson indoors in a smaller area.


My main goal for when I finish school is to get a scholarship in football and sign for a team in America, but a job I would like to do would be a physio.



Blog written by Alfie Griffin. Year 10, Burscough Priory Academy during his work experience at WLSP 2022.