Olympic Country - Australia

Sophie's Australia facts

  • Australia at the Olympics has a history which includes 45 games in 22 countries and 3000+ athletes.
  • Since 1895 Australia has contributed to the growth of the Olympic movement.
  • 90% of Australia live on the coast.
  • Australia has over 60 seperate wine regions.
  • In Australia there is a lot of wild fires which hurt and kill animals in the forests.

Leo's Australia facts

  • Blue cow mountain is one of the most popular areas, with a vast range of accomdation.
  • While many people visit Australia for it's brilliant beaches and year round sunshine, the Australian alps straddling new South Wales and Victoria are a mecca for skiing enthusiasts.
  • Koalas live in Australia in the wild.
  • Fred Lane won Australia's first and second ever swimming gold medals at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900.
  • Thredbo and Perisher are the two large resorts near Canberra, the latter being the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere summer.

Blog by Sophie and Leo from Burscough Bridge Methodist School